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Do you want automatic marketing for your business?

To take full advantage of the Digital Waiver program you may want to consider our custom email blasts. The email blasts have templates for almost every holiday and are custom tailored to fit your Airsoft, Paintball or Indoor Center business.

How it works

After choosing a template and typing in your custom text, the custom email blast will take the list of customers who have signed waivers and send out email blasts to all these customers for you. These email blasts can be sent manually or set up to send out emails to customers 30 days and 14 days prior to the event/holiday. The birthday email blasts will even send out email blasts to customers based on the birth date they filled out on the waiver! This service is available to you for only $125 for the entire year!

To sign up click on the "Customize and Send Emails" button in your member console. (You will need to create a waiver and check your email to get access to your member console).

Sample Email Blasts

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