Digital Waivers "R" Us
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Create Your Custom Waiver

NOTE: Custom Digital Waivers are available as a benefit to all PALSEG Members only. Please call 864-688-0121 if you do not know your Customer ID number or if you would like to become a customer of the CIA.

Getting Started with Digital Waivers

Step 1:Sign in above using your customer ID Number (If you do not know this number call the CIA at 864-688-0121)

Step 2: On the next page place your waiver content in the large text field, upload your company logo and press the submit button.

Step 3: Wait for your confirmation email that will give you a link for your customers to complete waivers, as well as sign in information for your personal console. Your personal console is where you will keep track of customers that have signed waivers.

Watch Video Tutorial

To take full advantage of this digital waiver program you can also choose to take part in our automatic marketing of email blasts.
Learn more here:Automatic Marketing

Taking Digital Waivers to the Next Level

The CIA has developed a digital waiver program available exclusively to PALSEG members. This system allows you to create a waiver template with your specific wording and company logo. You will be able to use this waiver template to have your customers sign digital waivers. The waivers can be signed by a smart phone or Desktop computer and will be stored on a database so you can keep track of customer waivers. It’s a great, hassle-free way to keep track of waivers & participants!